Turismo giapponese in Europa nel 2017

Anche il primo mese del 2018 ha il segno “+”!

Sono stati 1.423.700 i viaggi effettuati dai giapponesi all’estero nel mese di gennaio 2018, +9,9% rispetto allo stesso mese dello scorso anno.

Di seguito il consuntivo ETC relativo al turismo giapponese in Europa nel 2017:

"Arrivals from Japan have grown strongly in 2017 in a number of reporting destinations. 24 out of 29 destinations reported some form of growth and double-digit growth was reported in 10, albeit from relatively low bases. Arrivals and overnights growth to Portugal and Belgium (and overnights to Montenegro) has been particularly strong so far in 2017 amid some strengthening of the yen which has aided affordability for Japanese travellers. Some robust growth in travel was also reported by traditionally expensive destinations such as Switzerland, Finland, and Luxembourg. Some strong growth to the UK was reported earlier in the year with 2017 Q1 having been especially strong and potentially event-driven. However, this influx appears to have been short-lived with Japanese arrivals to September 4.8% lower compared to the same period of 2016."


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