The Outlook for Japan

"Japan has really changed under Abenomics," says Takehiko Nakao, President of the Asian Development Bank. Among other developments, the "rate of unemployment has substantially declined."
What is Society 5.0?
Mitsubishi boss Nobuyuki Hirano explains that it's about harnessing Japan's advanced tech capabilities to make life better for a shrinking, ageing population. "Society 5.0 puts more focus on social welfare through industry, deploying all the many Japanese tech inventions to improve quality of life."
Japan's universities
Declining university rankings, number of people studying abroad is decreasing. Heizo Takenaka of Keio University wants to privatize Japanese niversities, just as Harvard and Princeton are private.
The value of value-added
"Japan should be an interesting, vibrant economy," says Takehiko Nakao of ADB. "We should take the dynamism of countries like China and India more seriously. We should be selling good things in a pricey way, branding Japanese products, making money from the Japanese craftsmanship people love."
Japan as trendsetter
"If Japan can overcome its problem of an ageing and shrinking population, we can export our model to the rest of the world. That makes me feel positive about the future," says Kentaro Sonoura, Special Adviser to Shinzo Abe.


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